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Overnight Boarding
Overnight care has been designed to be anxiety free for dogs, as well as guilt free for their companions. Paw Pals dogs are able to socialize under supervision for a minimum of 8 hours per day. Daycare is included free with overnight fees and includes all the activities associated with our Daycare services. Our environment engages and cares for pets providing a stress free stay for pet and owner.
Thanks so much for creating a place FOR dogs, not for their owners. Rosebud jumps into the car when it’s time to go to Paw Pals – and races back toward the playground to find her friends. Darryl and the staff are amazing – clearly loving the dogs – and even send pictures when Rosebud does something cute when we’re out of town missing our puppy.
Karin Miller, PawPals Client

Safety Is A Priority

To ensure a fun and aggression free environment each dog is required to complete a temperment screening, be spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations.

PawPals Requirements

Boarding Rates

    * Updated prices effective June 1, 2014
    * Boarding rates are based on 24 hour period
  • Overnight Care | $38 per night
  • 8 or more nights | $35 per night
  • Per each additional dog | $30 per night
  • We ask that our boarding dogs arrive by 230 in the afternoon.  Any dog dropped off after 2 p.m that also needs to be fed will be charged a $10 meal fee. This ensures your pup will get all the time he or she needs in the yard before going up for the evening.
    An additional $10 will be charged on the following holidays: Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.



Rate Agreement
  • Payment due day of service.
  • Client is responsible for payment unless 24 hour notification of absence from daycare/boarding is given.
  • LATE FEE $10 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) past close.
  • All dogs who have a lapse in vaccinations, are required to wait five (5) days before attending Paw Pals
  • Dogs will be placed in crates for overnight boarding, unless prior arrangements due to extenuating circumstances are made with a Manager.
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