Business Hours: Mon. — Fri. 7 am - 6:30 pm | Sat. & Sun 8 am - 6 pm
Our cage-free dog daycare facility is designed for dog owners with busy schedules. We’ve created an environment where your dog can build positive behavior through the right amount of exercise and social interaction, with business hours that cater to your lifestyle. Dogs are given activity choices throughout their day such as lounging, playing, swimming all while being cared for by loving individuals who treat each one as their own.
This is an amazing place to show your 4 legged family how much you love them. Our puppy loves to play and socialize with all of her friends. The staff is very caring and always has the dogs’ best interest at heart. I highly recommend Paw Pals. Go do a trial play day, you will keep going back!
Sarah Holton, PawPals Client

Safety Is A Priority

To ensure a fun and aggression free environment each dog is required to complete a temperment screening, be spayed or neutered and current on all vaccinations.

PawPals Requirements

Daycare Rates

  • 1/2 day | $16 (5 hours or less)
  • 1 full day | $27
  • 5 day package | $125
  • 10 day package | $230
  • 20 day package | $420
  • 30 day package | $570
  • * Second dog from same family can attend daycare for 1/2 day rate
Rate Agreement / Read Carefully!
  • Payment due day of service.
  • Client is responsible for payment unless 24 hour notification of absence from daycare/boarding is given.
  • LATE FEE $10 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) past close.
  • Packages are non refundable.
  • Dogs not picked up within 30 minutes of closing, will be assumed boarding and we will impose an overnight boarding charg.
  • All dogs who have a lapse in vaccinations are required to wait 5 days before returning to daycare.
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